Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Quick Hike Up Boyle Ravine

 You have to know the hiding places to find this beauty.  The Wild Ginger blooms at the base of its stems, close to the ground, and is nearly always hidden by a solid canopy of large, heart-shaped leaves.  The photo below shows me parting the leaves with my left hand.  Click on the upper photo for a close-up of the blossom.
 The Prince's Pine is blooming along most of the trails in the ravine.  This cute white flower is in the Family Ericaceae along with Manzanita, Madrone, and various wintergreens.
 The Blue-eyed Grass, a relative of Iris, was blooming near a leak in one of the town's water tanks.
 There were quite a few Crimson Columbine's blooming on either side of Boyle Creek, mostly in the shade among the Wild Ginger.
 The Spotted Coralroot are past their prime for the season, but I found a few still blooming.
 On my return, I found an amorous couple of insects on a daisy in my front lawn, the part I avoid mowing.


  1. Lemmon's Wild Ginger... nice! I haven't seen that in person yet. I have only found Hartweg's Wild Ginger here. Are the flowers as large as Hartweg's or are they smaller?

  2. I've never seen Hartweg's. We'll have to measure and trade notes.