Friday, October 5, 2012

Waking-Up Thoughts

Something just dawned on me.  Dawn!  I saw the "crack of dawn."  Bright red eastern sky, and I'm still in my pajamas.  Would have been a good morning to be out in American Valley with my camera.  I did appreciate the 5-minute show of bright red and orange, but began to wonder if it makes any difference to the birds, insects, mammals, if the sunrise is full of bright colors or just night sky gradually turning from black to gray to blue. While some of us are waking up, others are going to sleep.  Some are crepuscular, experiencing the majority of their lives in those periods around sunrise or sunset.  I think I just now figured out why I love to get up early.  It's to experience the change.  And to wonder what the animals are experiencing.  Then the schedules of the work-a-day world take over.  What this town needs is a 24-hour coffee shop for people who don't like to be bound by schedules. 


  1. It's not 24-hours, but Papas Donuts is open very very early, has good coffee and great donuts.

  2. I like those hours, and I like those two small oaks in front, and the ravens that visit the sign regularly. But I need to avoid the addictive nature of the coffee and donuts. That way I can hopefully do this blog another 20 years or more.

  3. Every town has a 24 hour coffee shop... it's called your kitchen. That is unless you have a need for an excess of foofy embellishments like steamed almond milk or essence of candied palm root. Otherwise you just make a a pot, pour a cup, put on your jammies with the feet in them and toddle on out to the front porch and sit quietly.