Saturday, September 29, 2012

Virtues of an Unmowed Lawn

 I posted a photo of this same little daisy two weeks ago and hoped it would last until Fall which began on the 22nd.  Well, it's still here and now has a companion bloom, but is still only 6" tall!  It's showing the same spirit I'm trying to maintain, think of the season in terms of beginnings, not endings.  By not mowing the lawn, I'm encouraging all sorts of activities that inspire my photos and writing. 
 The Yellow Wood Sorrel are making another appearance following a couple of days of brief watering.  The grass is still mostly brown, but evidently there were lots of other kinds of seeds waiting for such a moment.  Today I have a half dozen new blooms of Sorrel, several blooming Field Clover, and the Ox-eye Daisies are hanging in there and still hosting interesting bugs.  That the Dandelions are making a fierce stand almost goes without saying. 

More hot days forecast, so more photo and sketching fun ahead, then snow.  Last year the first snow in our yard fell October 5.  Hmmmm.... 

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