Saturday, September 1, 2012

Time to Finish Something!!

 Not sure when I started this sketch in one of my nature journals.  Probably around a year ago because the previous page is dated September 19, 2011, which was the 25th anniversary of my marriage.  I came across this page as I was gathering up my pile of nature journals dating back to 2007, and discovered that only one of them is completed, cover to cover.  Lots and lots of great ideas in these journals, but very few brought to any kind of fruition beyond my own satisfaction musing about them.  Now, I'm determined to gather essays and other tidbits into a book.  I first thought of a book of natural history essays centered around the concept in one I wrote in 2007 titled "A Crack in the Sidewalk."  The concept has evolved, and I now expect this book will include material other than essays, although I do have a dozen or so essays that are either ready for inclusion or nearly so.
In the spirit of my determination to finish this project, the first word I uttered when i woke up this morning was "rabbit."  That ritual will only have meaning to a couple of people who might read this, but I hope it helps.  I'll do it again on October 1.
A major inspiration for my new determination is my new desk.  I LOVE MY NEW DESK!!!  It was a gift.  It is huge and heavy, but my son and I managed to get it into my garage office last night and I immediately began to "organize."  Just above the chair is a pile of the aforementioned journals. In the coming months this blog will continue to feature current photos and nature observations, but will also include occasional progress reports and definitely more drawings.  By posting this information here, I'm daring my self to follow through.  I LOVE MY NEW DESK!!! 

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