Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Waiting for the Dentist

I found myself getting bored, which is rare.  I was in the waiting room while my son was getting dental treatment.  No WiFi, no good reading, and bad music piped in.  [I should add, great dentists, but, nevertheless....]  Then I remembered I had a camera in the car.  The land on both sides of the dentist's office is neglected, vacant lots.  It had the feel of construction about to happen, but now it was mostly weeds.  Not to despair - I once published an article titled "Confessions of a Weed Lover."  As you can see from the above photo series, I walked around mostly looking at the ground.  Amongst the wild grasses, I found wonders.  I've left the bugs out of this series.  I might have to return with camera and emphasize bugs.  Anyway, the first six photos above are of "weeds."  The remaining ones are either native wildflowers or examples of a bit of human "engineering."  Not of the current, gene inserting kind, but of artificial selection of the Charles Darwin and Luther Burbank kind.  That would be the Apple Tree (the one time I looked skyward) and possibly the peony.  What fun!  I'm glad there was no good reading in the waiting room.  Well, actually, there was one thing that caught my eye: a January, 2011, issue of Oprah.  I hope no one saw me reading it.  Anyway, it contained a very good article about how modern humans are ignoring our Circadian rhythms at our peril.  Will elaborate on that idea here soon.

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