Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Baker's Dozen of Bugs, 5/19/2012

I was ostensibly out looking for wildflowers today, especially looking to see if the Mountain Lady Slippers were blooming, which they were.  But there was such a variety of bug life active, I couldn't help myself.  I don't have the means to identify all the tiny ones.  I just enjoyed seeing them.  Especially the ones that like to land on the bright green water tank in Boyle Ravine.  I pretend it's a moon made of cheese, and the bugs are humongous.  The sixth photo from the top might not look like a bug.  That's because it isn't!  It's the seed of a composite flower, probably a Dandelion or a Salsify.  The next to last photo appears to be some white foamy substance on an alder branch.  Turns out the stuff moves, almost looking like it's boiling.  There are nymphs of a bug inside, mealy bug nymphs.
The bottom photo is a gathering of Aphids on the stem of Salsify. 

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