Sunday, May 13, 2012

Some Invertebrate Art

The big green water tank in Boyle Ravine is one of my favorite places to find interesting bugs and flowers.  The afternoon sun heats up the thick green paint, and there is usually water around the base from slow leaks.  The combination of available heat and moisture seems appealing to lots of insects.  In this case, three poses of a spider plus one crane fly.  Along the trail to the water tank I found many webs of Funnel Web Spiders.  They're quite shy, and when I occasionally spotted a spider out in the open, it quickly disappeared into its funnel before I could take a photo.  Next time I should bring a telephoto lens on this walk.  Last, my wife spotted this nice little paper wasp nest on the trail. It's only about 2 inches in diameter, so it was probably under construction when it landed in the road from an unknown cause.

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