Saturday, May 5, 2012

Boyle Ravine Again

Can't stay away from Boyle Ravine when it's sunny.  Each time, I see something new.  The abundant dandelions are getting taller and showing more lush flower heads, and they are attracting more insects.  The Carabid beetles are described in one of my field guides as "fierce predators."  From the looks of those jaws, I'd tend to agree.  More yellow violets.  I'll take another chance on IDs.  I think the first one, with the lobed leaves is Viola lobata, [Oops! This just in.  One of my followers pointed out that this one is actually Viola sheltonii. An updated correction of my violet mistakes is due.  Will try to post by Sunday evening.] and the next two photos might be Viola glabella.  Yikes, there are so many yellow species.  Up at Slate Creek Canyon this morning, I found still another that might be Viola douglasii.  That trip will be featured in my next post.  The young Cascara Buckthorn are showing off their beautiful shiny leaves, and the water tank is attracting mostly insects I can't identify.  Very interesting combination of dark green paint and southern exposure seems to function like a giant leaf.  Today I saw this fuzzy white butterfly or moth and something that looks like a cross between a wasp and a crane fly.  Haven't found either of these in a book yet.

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