Friday, May 4, 2012

The Bugs Woke Up

The soil is definitely warming.  A brief hike up Boyle Ravine revealed these critters hiding under pieces of bark.  The beetle, one of many insect species commonly called Stink Bugs, is in the Family Tenebrionidae.  Another name for them is Darkling Beetles.  SpellCheck doesn't know that word.  Oh, well.  Then I found two species of Millipedes.  There was at least one millipede under practically every piece of bark I turned over.  I always return them to their original position so the bugs can live out their life cycles as well as provide other photo ops throughout the summer.  The Tulip, sporting a handsome fly (oxymoron?), was one I threw away when we were thinning last fall, but it came back and is thriving on a pile of woodstove ashes and providing a landing spot for insects.  I guess I'll start watering it and give it another lease on life.

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