Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a Wonderful Way to While Away a Weekend!

I began this particular journal on December 28, and i'm trying to restrict it to natural history and closely related topics - no grocery lists, political anger (unless related to natural history), "to do" lists, and the like. So, I'm practicing drawing, painting and writing. I'm getting good enough to dare to show my practice pages, but not so good that I can ignore looking at the spiral bindings in the photos. I actually find them aesthetically pleasing. When my art gets better, I may crop the bindings out of these photos. But for now, I need the reminder that this is a "sketchbook." So far this year I've managed to average a post per day on this blog, but, as you can see from the date and page numbers, I'm only averaging a journal entry every day and a half. I aim to raise that to two or three entries per day so I'll be in a strong groove when the spring wildflowers begin to erupt. If I travel westward to Table Mountain, that will be in another 25 to 30 days. Wish me luck. Around Quincy, it'll be an additional couple of weeks.

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