Thursday, February 17, 2011

How The Day Ended

The trip home, after taking a few photos in Greenville, was more exciting than I expected. First, I got behind a Prius going up the long grade from the Greenville Y. Yikes! Barely crawling along, I couldn't stop safely and I couldn't get around her safely for about a mile. Constantly hoping I wouldn't be rear-ended. Yeah for passing lanes. We got by her and got up to a safer 30 mph. Then, just before the Keddie Y, on the scariest curve of the trip, we were startled by this jack-knifed big rig taking up both lanes. After braking as safely as I could and sliding into the ditch on my right, Ryan and I spend the next two hours sitting, looking at this stupid truck that was inadequately chained up for conditions. Radio reception wasn't too bad, and I did have some good reading in the car. My son had some music on his iPod. Low on gas, so we didn't run the heater. All in all, a mini-study of the natural history of winter driving. I did spend a little time thinking about the various critters that were comfortably waiting out winter a couple feet underground.

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