Monday, February 7, 2011

A "Sunday" Drive on Monday

Took a sick day today and alternately slept and coughed all morning. Then, in the afternoon, decided I needed some scenery - shoot a few photos from the front seat of the car and park in the sun for a while and enjoy the greenhouse effect. After ping pong, if I don't have the ultimate coughing fit, I'll post a few of my findings. I'm starting to enjoy more and more the subtle browns and tans of the fields at this time of year. Also, the birds, even though i'm not equipped to do good bird photography. I did manage to see some Canada Geese in a pond near the edge of Quincy Junction Road, and a Great Blue Heron in the distance. Also crawled around among the Black Oaks for a while, hoping for bugs, but enjoying the lichens and mosses. The sky was bluer than I ever saw east of the Mississippi. My relatives back East accuse me of using filters to get these blue skies, but I don't.

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