Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too Rainy for New Pics Today, but....

Pretty heavy rain today both to and from work. Always had camera at the ready, and those few times when rain was not falling, it was too cold and dreary for flower to open or bugs to come out in the open. Actually, I can't be sure they thought it was dreary. The geese certainly seemed to enjoy themselves, but I can't be sure of that either. They were just doing what they do. Anyway, as a result, I am getting ahead of myself here. I have chosen some images from last spring and summer that are contenders for enlargement and framing. I currently have a display of nature photos at the Plumas County Museum. They're for sale! Of the creatures pictured here, only the chorus frog has emerged so far this season. In fact, this specific one was in my front yard a few days ago. He's probably still there, underground.
I have received advice about which photos to offer for sale. Don't print the slug - they're ugly; don't print the spiders - most people are arachnophobic; and so on.... I happen to think they're all beautiful. Funny thing is in the last few days while mulling over this advice I have found someone who loves spiders and wants to see my other spider photos. I've got a promise from another person to buy one of my frog photos. I'm looking forward to meeting someone who loves Jerusalem crickets. I happen to think it's one of the most spectacular-looking animals I've ever seen. So, it's been a fun thing to do on a rainy day - contemplate people's reactions to various critters and speculate on how these various positive and negative attitudes originate. And, all the while, hope that my photography will help people find beauty in all of them. Don't forget, you can click on any image for a full-screen view. Meanwhile, check out the larger photos at the P. C. Museum until April 30.

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