Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lepidoptera by Pine Creek.

There's a large patch of Mint, maybe Horsemint, at the edges of Pine Creek where it crosses the Squirrel Creek Road, the road I took to Brady's Camp (see previous posts), and there were hundreds of Butterflies and Moths visiting.  I'm not too good at photographing things that keep moving fast, but I did get a few that I thought were worth sharing.  The first two are White-lined Sphinx moths, also know as Hummingbird moths because of the amazing resemblance in flight.
THe next one is some species of Fritillary.
And finally, a Pale Swallowtail butterfly.
I haven't located this spot on a topo map, but I suspect it's at around 6,500 '.  After Pine Creek flows eastward out of Brady's camp, it takes a sudden right turn southward and drops down to this crossing of Squirrel Creek Road,  Very dusty and bumpy.  I was worried about rattling my truck to death.

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