Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Brady's Camp Epilogue

 Before writing about my last few photos for the season from my Brady's Camp adventure, I want to express appreciation for the fast Internet available at my favorite Coffee Shops and Cafes in Quincy: Carey Candy Company, Midtown Coffee, and Pangaea.  The library is pretty good, too.  The Internet at home is terrible.  ATT needs to improve!!!
Anyway, back to the photos.  I've started off with primary colors.  EAch is more beautiful when seen alongside the others, but these were seen at widely separated stops along the Squirrel Creek Road.  The red is Crimson Columbine (Buttercup Family), the yellow is a species of Cinquefoil (Rose Family), and the blue is Delphinium, AKA Larkspur (Buttercup Family).

 Near the spot where Pine Creek crosses under the Squirrel Creek Road, I saw a long stretch of dead Choke Cherry bushes.  I couldn't help but wonder what killed them.  Maybe a Forest Service or log company herbicide?  Until I find out, I won't eat any cherries from this area.
 Another favorite encounter was with a Red Dragonfly.  Various blue, black, green, and grey dragonflies seem much more common which makes the occasional red one stand out.  It took me quite a few shots to get one that I could reasonable post here without embarrassment.  Even at that, I didn't get very close, so I've cropped this photo seriously.  Click on it if you like to see individual pixels. :)
There, I've caught up to my self-imposed goal of averaging one post per day.

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