Sunday, May 24, 2015

There's More!!!

 I gave this post a silly name because I'm already looking ahead.  I'm taking a break from grading essays in order to post a sampler of what I saw yesterday on a quick shopping trip to Chico.  I think I've photographed around 20 different species of wildflowers blooming.  Here are five of the most memorable.  The ones I could spot while driving 55.  But each time I stopped for pictures I found several more better hidden ones.  More tonight or tomorrow, or when I need another break.  The above photo is of Buch Monkeyflower.  They were out in force from Jarbo Gap all the way up to the Greenville Y.  Some of the bushes were extremely covered with blooms.  Very impressive.
 The roadside had an abundance of blooming Madia.  It was hard to look straight ahead while driving.  At the roadside there was Madia and also several species of Arnica.  Probably not safe to try to tell them apart while driving fast.
 Between the Pulga Bridge and Jarbo Gap I saw quite a bit of Gum Plant (above).  It's almost ready to bloom in Quincy, but is peaking in the lower canyon.
 My favorite find of the day was the Spice Bush.  Lots blooming around the tunnels, plus or minus a few miles.  Usually in shade, so slow shutter speed resulted in a little blurriness.
The last one in this sampler is Indian Pink.  A few blooming at the roadside around Bear Creek.

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