Monday, May 25, 2015

Anticipation at Oakland Camp

 My last trip out to Oakland Camp was mostly a reconnaissance trip to see if the Leopard Lilies or Indian Hemp were blooming yet.  They weren't.  And I was looking forward to more insect activity.  None yet.  But, I had to take a few pictures anyway.  Here are some easy-to-spot flowers that are blooming and all but the Lady Slippers should be blooming for quite a while.  These first two photos are of Blue Gilia and were taken right by the Southpark Trailhead on the way to Oakland Camp.
 The Mountain Lady Slippers are at peak and should last another couple of weeks.
 The Orchard Morning Glory are along the roadsides and some are doing some impressive climbing on other plants and trees.
 Several species of Phacelia (below) adorn our roadsides.  The flowers do not contrast much with the stems and branches, so these are seldom noticed while driving.  Quite complex and interesting when viewed close up.
 The Purple Milkweed are in full bloom, and should be attracting insect visitors by now.  My last visit was on a cold morning so I didn't see any insects.
 The Bluebelly or Fence Lizards are active and doing their pushups and turning bright colors.  The less common, but similar-looking Sagebrush Lizard (below) is distinguished by a slightly different kind of scales - you won't notice that - and a rusty-red armpit.  Click on the photo for a clearer view of that.  I hope to visit the area again this week to lok for newly blooming flowers, insects, and spiders.

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