Friday, May 29, 2015


Around Noon, I sat in the sun for about a half hour, waiting for the dozens of Bullfrogs who dived into hiding when I approached to surface again.  Man, it felt like August out there.  No wind, direct sun, and a dark shirt.  My black camera was absorbing too much heat, so I tried to keep it on the shady side of me while avoiding any movement that might be obvious to frogs.  I finally saw one surface just a few feet from me.  Here he is!  How do I know it's a he - because his eardrum (tympanum) is a larger diameter than his eye.  In females they're about the same size as the eye or a little smaller.  There were lots of tadpoles in the vicinity, and mating pairs of dragonflies and damselflies.  I got photos of all of these.  My next post will explain how this relates to my intended writings about Dellinger's Pond and will include some extra Bullfrog lore.

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