Friday, May 29, 2015

Look What I Found!

 My plan was to go in search of a good Bullfrog photo.  I had been hearing the low-pitched garumph mornings at Dellinger's Pond, and their high-pitched squeak as they jumped into the water and evaded my lens.  Today I was determined to get a decent close-up to go with some writing I'm doing about the pond.  Just before getting into the car, I saw the scene pictured below.  It's the remnants of last Fall's firewood processing, and that one stick with a large knot on the side looked like a perfect place for a Darkling Beetle to hide.  I must be part beetle because when I turned the log over I found this pair (above) mating.  I suspect they got into this position yesterday afternoon when it was warmer, and stayed that way all night.  This morning it was too cold for them to care.  When I turned over the log they didn't move.  After getting this photo, I carefully replaced the log so they could carry on.
I then turned over quite a few more logs and large pieces of bark and found only ants and tiny spiders.  Like i said, I must be part beetle because the first log I picked out had the beetles under it.
I did carry on and eventually got some good Bullfrog photos.

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