Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hello from Monument Peak

Despite the trail markings and maps provided, we needed to dust off our path finding skills in order to get to the top of Monument Peak.  I was imagining a new bumper sticker that would say "Where the hell is Monument Peak?"  Bib and I spent the afternoon hiking the 3.4 miles from the parking lot at the South Park Trailhead to eventually arrive at a rounded top of a mountain that had some nice views toward Spanish Peak and Mount Pleasant to the West and various familiar points along Spanish Creek from the Oakland Camp area to Keddie to the North and East.  I thought we might find a USGS benchmark at the top, but instead we found a nice little home-made monument of pieces of shale assembled by earlier visitors.  I didn't bring my camera for a change, and paid more attention than usual to things above eye level.  Fortunately, Bib had her pocket camera and got this view looking North.  That little thing takes pretty good photos (I'm referring to the camera.) and Bib also got some blooming wildflowers that I'll post later.  It was quite dry - if it were August, I'd say it felt about right.  For April, it was a bit scary.  Please do a rain dance!!!!

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