Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Drought tolerant?

 Pretending to be superstitious, I'm continuing to post photos taken before the rain began in hopes it'll keep the rain coming for a while.  Last Saturday I saw a few starts of Narrow-leaf Milkweed growing from the cracks in rocks overlooking Spanish Creek.  They seem to thrive on very little water, and the rains that are currently coming down might be sufficient to guarantee them a normal season.
 In the rather large expanses of dry, brown ground, there were occasional bunches of Pine Violets.  Easy to overlook, but worth a closer look.

 The clumps of grass in the middle of Spanish Creek would be covered with starts of Umbrella Plant by this time of year.  Last Saturday I spotted a few along the shoreline, but saw none in the middle of the river.
 The widely-spaced clumps of grass in the dry ground were often punctuated by a few blooming wildflowers.  In this case, a Henbit Dead Nettle.
This pretty member of the Mint family is usually considered a weed, but I find it one of the prettiest flowers out there.  You have to get really close to appreciate the intricacy of the blossoms.  Click on any of these photos for closer views.  Then go outside and find some.

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