Sunday, April 19, 2015

Flowers on the Monument Peak Trail

 On this afternoon's hike up to Monument Peak, the wildflowers were few and far between, and I didn't have my camera along.  I'm not very good at composing photos on a small pocket-sized device and on a screen as opposed to a viewfinder.  Under the circumstances, I'm satisfied with these photos taken on my wife's device as a record of what we saw.  A couple of photos of Showy Phlox, ...
 ...some Hartweg's Iris...

 ...and Sulfur-flowered Pea.  The Snow Plants along the trail that I posted here a few days ago had gotten a few inches taller.  Also, an interesting added feature - someone has placed little ceramic figurines in various holes in tree trunks along the trail.  One troll-like smiling figure was in a swing hanging from an oak branch.  Sort of cute at first, then I felt I'd rather see them in a gift shop - and I never go to gift shops.

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