Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What survived the rain?

 While hiking up the hill in the rain with my school stuff but without my camera, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Oak Treehoppers on the Black Oak had survived the night's rain.  I decided that if the forecast clearing came to be, I would return with my camera.  So, I came back around 3:30 and got these photos.  What a colorful group this is!  The light was disappearing fast behind the hill to the West, so I made several attempts to get a clear close-up of the adult Treehopper with the bright orange "horn."  THe slightly blurry photo below was the best I could do.
 I noticed a lone Red Clover just below that oak, so here it is.  Again, poor lighting.
 Then I went up to the area just north of the Admissions and Records building where I've been watching a late-blooming Checker Bloom.  These normally bloom in June, but in this particular spot they experience the wrath of the weed eaters several times during the summer.  If it weren't for the recent rains, they might have given up.  But, here they are in all their glory (below) making one last attempt to leave some seeds for next year.Remember, "Nature bats last."

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