Monday, October 13, 2014

Memorable Sights from Sunday

 Our hike into Bucks Wilderness on Sunday was late in the afternoon.  The sun had set before we got to Gold Lake, but was still lighting up Quincy in the distance toward the East.  Poor lighting for photography, and I didn't have my telephoto, but I just had to capture a shot of this Mountain Bluebird sitting on a snag.  Click on the photo for a slightly better view.  Not a gallery shot by any means, but a great memory.
In the Rock Lake drainage that flows into Gold Lake nearly all vegetation had turned brown and we expected not to see any flowers blooming.  Then, in a few cracks which are shielded from the harshest winds and maybe catch a little more sun, we found a few patches of blooming Fuschia.  Again, very poor lighting.  This photo is just for the memory book.

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