Thursday, October 2, 2014

Memories of Morning

 When I pulled into my FRC parking space at 7:45 a.m., I was immediately frustrated by my not having my camera with me.  There was a late-season Mullein blooming right in front of my car, and I really wanted to inspect it for visiting bugs and photograph it.  Close to the ground nearby was a great patch of Camomile (below).
 As I headed up the paved path to the classrooms, I stopped to look at the great crop of mushrooms growing in the lawn.  Last week's Shaggy Manes had already disintegrated, but there was a new bunch of shiny brown fungi that I haven't yet identified.
 And few that had been kicked over, but were still intact.
 The large California Black Oak that hangs over the pathway still hosted the group of Oak Treehoppers that first appeared there a month ago.  They hadn't moved at all, but they had all gone through their last moult and were adults.  Click on the photo below for a closer view.  These are  remarkably beautiful bugs.

 In the shrubs around the main classroom building I found more fungi, this unidentified white one and
 a dense patch of a sulphur-yellow type.  I assume these are all connected beneath the surface by a
 mycelium and are therefore a single organism.

I thought about these sights  off and on all day, so when I got home in the afternoon, I grabbed my camera and came back out to the college to get the photos.  I think tomorrow I'll remember to bring the camera.  Autumn is beautiful, and it's not only about leaves turning color.

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