Thursday, October 23, 2014

Springtime Flashbacks

 The Checker Bloom, above, usually appears by May and is gone by the end of June.  But, on the FRC campus, there's a small area near the Registrar's Office that is protected from the wind and probably picks up some heat from the building.  It's an area that gets hit by the weed eaters often.  But the warmth, coupled with the recent rains, has prompted some seeds to begin anew and here we have one plant showing three stages of blooming.  As you can see, it blooms from the top down, the newest bloom being on the right and the oldest, shriveling, on the left.
Nearby are several large patches of a Daisy Fleabane or Aster which is normally a mid- to late summer bloom, but here we are near the end of October and they look fresh as daisies.  Well, they are  daisies!

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