Saturday, February 22, 2014

Where's Waldo?

 No, not the little guy with glasses and the red and white striped T-shirt.  Waldo is the name I gave this spider.  I was poking around in the roadside piles of organic matter, where it's not really winter but it's also not really spring, when I spotted a cute little spider and named it Waldo.  Not sure why, because it's obviously a girl.  Anyway, in the above photo she's rather well-hidden, just northwest of center in a hole in a piece of bark.
 With a pine needle I managed to persuade her to come out from hiding.
there must have been a fair amount of heat being generated from decomposition because she got quite active and went into hiding soon after I got these shots.  I also saw some small centipedes and they were too fast to photograph.  I hear we're getting some precipitation in a few days.  Hopefully a lot!

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