Friday, February 14, 2014

House Guest

More signs of spring.  We were downloading some music videos when we looked up and saw this great spider where the wall meets the ceiling.  It might be a Running Spider, but I don't have great references on spiders, so I might have to revise this guess later.  Judging from the facial expressions of family members around me, I could have passed this one off as 3" and a rival to the tarantulas, but the household rulers were too convenient to resist.  As the next photo shows, it was only around
1 1/2" long from toe to toe, and less an inch in body length. 

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  1. This post needs a comment, so I'll contribute one. Maybe the blog is getting stale. Didn't draw out any arachnophobes or arachnophiles. I was hoping to at least attract the latter. This warm, humid weather is activating lots of insects and spiders. Somewhat exciting, even if a bit unnerving in the big picture. Had frost this morning (2/17/14) for the first time in over a week. Now we need a big snow.