Saturday, February 1, 2014

Around this time in years past

 Memories of more water.  The above scene, in February, 2012, shows a nice pond and some geese.  Not this year.  The pond is dry and the geese are few.
 A view of Spanish Creek from the Chandler Road crossing, February, 2013.  That was a dry winter, too, but not as dry as the current one.  See the geese crossing at the bend?  Much less water flowing by this spot in 2014.
My front yard on Boyle in February 2013.  Tomorrow morning I'll take a photo of this spot for comparison.  Hint: there is no snow!  If you know how to do a rain dance, please do.  It can't do any harm.
January was a busy month for me, so I didn't keep up my desired pace for blogging.  I plan to fix that from February onward.  Some new images will arrive tomorrorw.

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