Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scary Fun

 Last night my teen-aged son and daughter were awakened by scary, strange noises outside their bedroom window.  I slept through it.  My son managed to record the sound on his iPod Touch.  When he played it for me in the morning, I thought it might be the sound of one of our cats being attacked, or even eaten.  I didn't want to think that happened, but then when I put out the cat food at the usual time, they didn't show up.  Turns out both kids and my wife were pretty scared at one point.  I described the scene to a friend in an email and he suggested it was probably bigfoot.  Maybe we'll never know.
The point of this introduction is to explain a level of anxiety still present in the household.  As I was typing my previous post a short while ago, I was startled to hear my wife and daughter screaming in the other room.  They yelled for me to come capture or kill something that was attacking them.  It turned out to be the ant in these two photos.  I knew they would tell people it was at least an inch long, so I thought it would be a good idea to photograph it on graph paper.  Sorry to disappoint, but they are half-inch squares, so the ant is probably about 5/8 inch from nose to butt.  It's funny how they always look much bigger until you catch them.
I decided to arrange a more aesthetically pleasing portrait, so I put the ant in a dessert cup for a couple of photos before releasing him so he could resume eating our house.  They don't call them Carpenter Ants for nothing.

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