Friday, May 31, 2013

ASD (Attention Surplus Disorder)

Well, maybe there's no such thing as ASD, but I felt like I had it today.  Trying to catch up on editing and posting photos and stories from this past week's outings, but every time I step out of my car, I see something that begs to be recorded.  The latest was this Lemmon's Catchfly, a beautiful, delicate flower in the shady woods.  No bright colors, so it blended in well with the surrounding wild grasses and the much larger Trail Plant. 
One of the most noticeable features is the united sepals surrounding the base of the flower, typical of the Pink family, Caryophyllaceae.  That always reminds me of the place you stab with a pin on your high school prom carnation.  Same family.
On my next blog, if I can stay focused, I'll continue to post the photos and story of our Wednesday outing to Grass Valley.

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