Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Early Morning Activity

 I left the house with my camera at 6:45 thinking of capturing some images of sunrise, but other things got my attention.  First, the frost on my car windows. These images count as "activity" because I could not only see the frost forming but when I turned on the defroster I could see it evaporate.  The proper term is actually sublimate since it did not melt but went directly to vapor.
 As I pulled up to the coffee shop parking lot where I would normally get a good view of sunrise, a group of Ravens got my attention.  Besides the three on the ground, there were several others on the nearby roof and individuals on top of several light poles, all eye-balling this same patch of pavement.  There must have been some tasty morsels I couldn't see. 
 It was fun watching the dynamic of social contact and competition.  Suddenly the one from the roof swooped down and the three originals flew away.  As I approached the lone brave one he was reluctant to give ground. 
 I got within 6 feet when he started to run, then soon afterward took flight.
At that point, I realized I had missed the sunrise, so I went inside to look at my photos.  I'm wondering if the plastic spoon in the fourth photo is what all the fuss was about.

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