Saturday, February 23, 2013

Afternoon Walk

 My plan was to walk fast for health and not make it a photography trip.  But, I brought along the camera just in case.  Sure enough, I hadn't got 50 feet beyond my driveway when I was captivated by my neighbor's Juniper tree.  The berries turn quite blue as they age, and this one was in fine form.
 I managed to walk about two more blocks before I came across a nice California Black Oak near the museum.  The acorn cups seemed to be begging to be treated artistically.  So, I practiced composition, all the while wondering if placing a rectangular border around a piece of nature is art.

 This cluster of five is my favorite.  I could have spent another hour by this tree, but the walk was for health, so I got going again.
 I met a friend who wanted to walk fast, so we did.  For another hundred yards, that is.  Then I saw this Evening Grosbeak land in some willows by Boyle Creek.  I didn't have my long lens with me, but I managed to get pretty close without scaring him away.  A sign of spring?  I did manage to walk home at a high rate of speed, thus accomplishing my original purpose. 


  1. Hey Joe!

    Love the oak images, I wonder, did you use one to make a whistle? It is interesting to note that painters canvas and sketch paper are also rectangular. The difference is inclusion vs exclusion, photographs are looked at from the standpoint of reality leaving one to wonder what has been left out, while paintings one wonders why the painter included what he/she did. Would it be more artistic if the cameras sensor was a circle?



  2. Good question. Sometimes we overlook influences, like maybe the traditional rectangle has mostly to do with the efficiency of manufacturing paper, canvas, etc. The Navajo sand paintings, for example, tended to be circular or no specific geometric shape. The cave paintings, etc. There are many examples of art that is not rectangular. Also, the convenience of hanging things on museum and gallery walls is an influence.

  3. Good points to be sure. In a gallery space is money. I wonder what those native's intent was for the cave art? We can only speculate I suppose.