Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Before the Storm

 I took a short drive with my camera yesterday afternoon and came across a nice scene, a bend in Spanish Creek, where three Canada Geese were hanging out on a small peninsula in the distance. 
 As I slowly approached their spot, they seemed to be uneasy, not so much with my presence and something in the air.  Maybe I was imagining it, but they seemed to be wary of an impending storm.  I know, easy to say since today the storm arrived.  At least six inches of snow all around American Valley.  I wonder where the geese are today. 
   Anyway, two of the three crossed the creek and scrambled up the steep bank.  I zoomed in to photograph the one furthest behind.  The scene reminded me of the one on Main Street last week when I came across three Ravens feeding.  A bold one stayed behind until the last possible safe second while the two skittish ones took off as soon as they saw me coming.  I wonder which are the most successful.

 A few miles away, I wandered through the woods by the side of Highway 70 and spotted some interesting Fungi.
 This rather large "shelf" fungus was growing on a Ponderosa Pine stump.  I've seen this species (I think) grow to 18" across on large pines in the Bucks Lake Wilderness.  Making more soil.
On a larger stump, Dougas-fir I believe, I saw this nice gathering of a Turkey Tail Fungus or a close facsimile.  Even though I only have a still camera, to a Naturalist with imagination, there is a lot of activity in these photos.  I hope you can feel it.  Sometimes I'm tempted to try video, then I resist, thinking my imagination might get lazy.  Some would say that by using any kind of camera I risk having my memory get lazy. 

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