Sunday, January 13, 2013

Three More from a Frigid Day

 On yesterday's cold weather photo trip, we parked in front of the same small tree where I've photographed the Red-breasted Sapsucker during the summer and followed the progression of leaf buds in spring through full foliage in summer to leaves falling in the fall.  This time the fruit stood out against a cold blue sky and there was just one persistent leaf remaining on the tree.  The snow from recent storms has mostly melted away in this particular spot, and it was a pleasant surprise... find a blooming dandelion that survived it all.
A few yards away where we took lots of photos in the vicinity of the FRC fish hatchery ponds,  I found this bold Iris surviving the snow and giving off enough heat to melt a small zone around itself, a kind of miniature version of the huge ones we see around the trunks of large Red Firs up at the 6,000 foot level on the surrounding mountains. 


  1. Hey Joe,

    Your berries image reminded me of an image that I had been editing for quite some time. I really like the composition and colors of that one in particular. Nice Set.


  2. Thanks, Spencer. I was shivering and going too fast, but I was thinking about the 'rule of thirds' as I was showing my daughter things about photography.