Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nature Impressions

 My strongest nature impression today occurred early when I was driving over the Highway 70 bridge near Gansner Park.  There was a Bald Eagle and a Raven, perched on the same large Black Cottonwood, no more than 6 feet apart.  There was no way I could get a photo.  No camera on board,  going too fast, and on a bridge.  All of the above.  Which brings me to today's photos.  I actually chose these two from my archives last night and promised myself I would post them this morning.  I was inspired by a posting on my friend Spencer Dykstra's blog.  He found some beautiful orange fungi poking up through moss over on the coast.  His photo reminded me of these two of mine  from last summer taken in my neighborhood, basically Boyle Ravine.  I cannot look at the top photo without thinking about some sort of organism sitting on top of or underneath each toadstool.  Perhaps elves singing or chanting, or maybe one ant per 'shroom.  All sorts of things come to mind.  Even though it's a still photo, I imagine animation.  Maybe a really long centipede or millipede walking through the mushroom forest wrapped around each stem in a convoluted pattern.  I think I need to send this one to my friend Chris Bolton.  He'll think of something.
This is the one that reminds me most of Spencer's photo.  By the way, check his out at SpencerDykstraPhotography and click on Expressions Blog.  But mine is all moss.  The tall, tan guys are the sporophyte generation while the green ones are the gametophytes.  For an interesting read, look up moss reproduction, or 'alternation of generations.'  The latter search might also lead you to jellyfish who have a sort of analogous process.  Although I got no photo, I'll remember the Eagle and Raven for a long time.

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