Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm Back!

This is a test.  First, it has been difficult for me to go for over two weeks without blogging.  In retrospect, I realize it has been an activity around which I have organized all my creative endeavors and even my moods.  Walking in the woods feels great, but bringing back memories and sharing them feels even greater.  It has also been great to have friends and other followers of this blog tell me how they have missed it and urge me to get going again.
Second, it's a test of whether I have successfully re-opened my account.  I'm actually not very adept at all with computer skills.  I feel competent as a naturalist and photographer, and passable as an artist, but I often need help to avoid embarrassing errors with software.  So, if this photo and message actually post, a little while later I will share the photos I took this morning while working in my wood pile.  Just knowing I was going to resurrect the blog was a great morale boost and I am happy with the photos I took.  Splitting wood is my entry into other worlds.


  1. Congratulations and welcome back!


  2. Welcome back! Appropriately with a photo that could be titled "Re-emergence from the Wormhole".

  3. Yes. I wonder if this worm knows anything about the Big Bang. I should have asked.

  4. Glad to see you back. Good photo to start with. What question is the worm asking?

  5. Undoubtedly "Why in Hell did you remove my cover?" Of course, he/she doesn't realize I provided that cover in the first place.
    Thanks a lot for your acknowledgement. I'm fired up!