Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pretty Things

 A possible week-long deluge has begun. Wind, possible power outages, floods, and landslides.  Puts me in the mood to seek out beautiful things and share them.  Here are two from my archives.
I've been thinking a lot about global warming lately and the widespread denial about the seriousness of it, much less the existence of it.  Very weird and scary to me.  The denial I mean.  I just read one writer's hypothesis that the most power leaders in the USA, industry, military, government, etc., actually think it would be a good thing because they believe that in a world-wide struggle for survival, the USA would come out on top and ultimately be better off than we are today.  This is so bizarre and scary that I had to go into my photo archives and look for some pretty things - sort of those guys in the movie Soylent Green fawning over the last real tomato.

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