Sunday, November 25, 2012

Aphid Hiding

I was trying to decide whether the subject of this photo was the beetle or the flower.  Then I decided it was the aphid.  Click on the photo for a closer view.


  1. Hey Joe,

    Love the drama of this one. The flower is quite pretty, but it seems that it is bearing witness to the predator and prey cycle. I would be curious to know if you had seen the aphid prior to the image being taken. Sometimes I notice those little nuances after the frame has been taken. This images begs the question "did the aphid make it?"



  2. Hi Spencer: I didn't see the aphid until I looked at the photo on my monitor. In fact, I was about to give the photo a different title until I spotted the aphid. The ladybug was in the center of the original composition. Then I decided this cropping produced more drama. Poetic license.