Monday, February 13, 2012

Fascinating Fungi

Here are two more photos from last Saturday's hike to Bear Creek Falls.  The top photo is Earthstar, and the prominent yellow fungus in the second photo is Witch's Butter.  The first leaves of many kinds of wildflowers have broken ground, so I'll be keeping an eye on this area over the coming weeks.  The falls were not roaring, but that could change quickly as we have a wet week in the forecast.


  1. I have followed your gorgeous blog for a while now since I'm also an amateur naturalist and have been since childhood when I took my first crocus apart to see how it was constructed and then put it on paper as a science assignment. I don't know if you are interested, but some of my drawings are here:
    Since they are mainly of this county and mainly of plants in this area, you might take a look just for some new ideas as far as sketching. I've been doing this for at least 15 years now and each year enjoying it more.
    Your blog is great, with a lot of good information for budding naturalists. Thanks for making it available.

  2. Thank you. I looked at your section of skineart and it is impressive. Have we crossed paths? We certainly visit lots of the same places in the summer.

    1. No, I don't think we've crossed paths, but if we ever do I will be happy to introduce myself. Usually I'm intrigued by just about any dirt road and go where the spirit leads without any sort of planning and stay out until the sun sets.

      You might also enjoy this site:

      I'm sorry that I am anonymous on this site, but I'm a computer klutz and tried to sign up with my internet name and wasn't able to accomplish that. So forgive me for being so mysterious. But I'm and my name is RoseMarie. The gals at Plumas Arts as well as the Mohawk Valley Art Association know me.