Monday, February 20, 2012

Early Arrivals at Bidwell Park

On our Sunday walk in upper Bidwell Park in Chico, the most exciting find was that Pipevine, shown in the previous post.  When we looked over the rolling hills and at the bare branches of oaks, willows, and sycamores, it was not obvious that any flowers were blooming.  However, if we walked the trails looking down at our feet, which I often do, we found the first blooms of several species of wildflowers, just enough to stir anticipation of the broad, colorful carpets of wildflowers that will appear in the next few weeks.  From top to bottom, the ones posted here are: Butter and Eggs, Goldfields, Chickweed, Milkmaids, Stickseed, and Poison Oak.  We also saw a few Filaree and Wild Mustard.  Downtown, in the flower pots along Broadway and Park and the side streets, there was a wonderful variety of nursery bred flowers.  And, as always, the large trees of downtown Chico were impressive.  Home in Quincy, it's still winter and our driveway is icy.  It's always a pleasure to be able to drive to spring in little over an hour.

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