Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lots of Life under the Brown

After venting about that Arkansas snake killer, I thought it would be good for me to go out and search for something positive. I wandered along the mowed shoulders of Quincy Junction Road in search of late summer bugs, or possibly some tiny, persistent flowers among the piles of dead grass and weeds. I did the same when I got home while pulling up dried thistles and preparing for mowing what's still green. In the process, I was delighted to find a wolf spider with an egg sac under an old shingle, and a beautiful pink flower I found in a ditch that was still a bit moist. With the low morning light and some residual dew, the flower had the look of springtime. I haven't identified it yet. For good measure, I've taken a few more photos of the Ambush Bug residing on a daisy in my front lawn. For the first time, I saw her move without being provoked. She actually walked all the way across the top of the daisy, a full inch, which to her was probably a day's journey. My Ambush Bug photos have been coming out blurry, so I'm hoping I did better this time. I'm thinking it is so well camouflaged that my sensor is not singling it out and instead is focusing on the background flower. When I try manual focus, maybe I'm not seeing the bug any better than the sensor. I hope I can figure it out before she disappears for winter.

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