Monday, August 8, 2011

FRC Scenic As Ever

Went out to Feather River College today to register my youngest son in his first two college classes. The paved walkway up to the main campus, a nuisance to many, is as scenic as ever. A great view of the new media center apparently guarded by some stately Mulleins on top of a dirt pile. After registering, we walked back to the car via the nature trail. Saw lots of ripe Gooseberries, but I was not satisfied with any of my photos of them in situ, so we brought some home and I staged a "still life." The path on the way up was decorated with some nice thistles, Stickseed, and the usual variety of great trees. On the nature trail, in addition to Gooseberries, there were some impressive patches of Dodder in the act of strangling its neighbors.

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