Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Few More from Lakes Basin

These four from last Thursday's hike in the Lakes Basin were abundant and the area felt like it was spring. There's a great, jungle-like wetland on a path heading west out of Elwell Lakes Lodge toward Long Lake. Lush vegetation, impossible to keep your feet dry, and constantly changing fragrances. A great end-of-summer hike when things are turning brown at the lower elevations. Of course, the fall colors season will be here soon. I'm especially looking forward to the colors of the Umbrella Plant. Looks like a very healthy crop along Spanish Creek. With all the great wildflower action at the higher elevation meadows, I'm torn over where to go on any given day. Will probably try Brady's Camp area next. besides the late season flowers, there's definitely a sense that lots of insects are making winter preparations. On that note, my Ambush Bug, that had occupied a daisy in my front yard for six days, is gone. Probably got ambushed!


  1. Thanks for the info. I'm headed up there for a few nights shortly. Hoping the wildflowers hold out another week. It will be my first visit to the area so I'm excited to see something beautiful and new.

  2. And the flowers you show here are...?

  3. From top to bottom, they are: Leopard Lily, Horsemint, Checker mallow, and mountain Spiraea. If you click on a photo, you get an enlargement with a caption on top.