Saturday, January 15, 2011

Recreational Typography

What is the connection between this font and that medieval weapon, the trebuchet? I guess I'll "google" it. Then, we have courier which looks like my old Underwood typewriter. I wonder if that was the same company that made Underwood Deviled Ham. I guess I'll "google" it. Now we have Georgia. Is it a rip-off of Times New Roman Condensed? Now Lucida. Another one with serifs. Supposedly more readable than sans. Verdana - does this one have anything to do with green? Looks black to me. To me, it's easier to read than Lucida. How about you? Finally, we have webding. What in hell is that?
End of game. I'm going back to Microsoft Word which has far more choices than this blog host. Can I live without Comic Sans? Probably not. Thanks for indulging this experiment. Good night.

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