Thursday, May 17, 2018

Still in Bloom

 We still have this secluded little spot on campus, only a few feet from pavement, in which the weed eaters have not yet discovered the Wild Ginger.  I stopped on my way to the parking lot, hoping to find a few that had dropped their petals.  I've never seen what these flowers look like in their post-bloom stages. 
 Often, when I stop to photograph these, curious passers-by stop to ask what I'm doing.  Most of the time it's people who recognize the Ginger leaves, but have never seen the flowers, or even realized they had flowers.
 So, I decided to photograph the reason why.  Usually, stands of Wild Ginger form a continuous mat
of leaves so dense that one doesn't see the rgound beneath them, thus, they don't see the flowers either.  I usually have to part some leaves and held them out of the way to get good photos of the flowers, and also hold the flowers up at an angle in order to view the insides.  In the above photos, I've cropped my cheating fingers out of the field.

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