Thursday, April 5, 2018

Golden Eagle Avenue

 Not only is the Henbit Dead Nettle a beautiful flower, but it is clever enough to stay below the blades of the weed eaters and mowers.  Much like the response of many grasses to grazing animals, if the blades do cut off the flowering tops, it quickly blooms claser to the ground.  They'll be beautifying the roadside well into summer.
 Another low-flowering beauty on our roadsides is th Filaree, AKA Stork's Bill.
 I've forgotten the name of this tiny white one, but up cloase it reminds me of Meadow Foam.  Will post an ID as soon as I rediscover it.
 I hope I can find this exact spot again today because the Henbit will have bloomed next to the little white one.  Should make for a good photo.
FRC buys lots of ball-point pens for advertising purposes.  I wonder how many visitors saw this one.

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  1. The third picture, the white flower, looks to be a Nemophila species, a small or white Baby Blue Eyes. Hard to be sure from a photo. There are several species of this found in your area. It isn't the big blue version. Try N. parviflora or N. heterophylla, possibly