Sunday, May 8, 2016

On the way down Monument Peak

Well, I blinked, and a whole week went by.  I was just now trying to post a few wildflower photos I took last weekend on my way down from Monument Peak (see photo of my in most recent post), but the bandwidth provided by ATT in my neighborhood is so pathetic that I couldn't even upload one photo.  So, tomorrow morning, probably at the coffee shop, I'll post at least one photo of Checker Bloom, Sidalcea glaucescens.  This is a beautiful, crawling vine (or at least prostrate stem) with bright pink flowers.  I saw only one such plant, but others will come, and soon they will be decorated with the Checkered Clerid Beetles.  I hope.  :)

There: added photo Monday afternoon.  Hopefully, more tomorrow afternoon.

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