Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Water Invites Life

 Last Thursday's rain has been dripping down the mountain, and as of yesterday morning, Dellinger's Pond had enough water to attract wildlife.  I stopped by Early yesterday morning and was startled by a group of deer near the entrance.  As I approached with my camera, they ran along the dam, stopping several times to see if was still in pursuit.  Low-level early morning light made photography difficult, but here's the best image I got (above).  As I walked slowly along the dam, I spotted a Grey Fox running through the pond weeds.  I only had my 55mm lens, and by the time I got a shot off, the fox was at least 100 years away (below).  I cropped the photo a bit, and it's just barely clear enough to be evidence of a fox.  A fox made of pixels.  I think I'll start mounting the telephoto lens before I go through the gate.  More rain expected tonight and tomorrow, so this place might be come a good watering hole again soon.

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