Sunday, October 18, 2015

Found while jaywalking

 Is it possible to commit this crime in Quincy?  I'm not so sure.  I've seen judges do it.  I've seen people from all walks of life do it (pun intended). and I do it every day.  I've never seen anyone get cited, so it must not be a crime.  Today, as I jaywalked by Quincy Natural Foods, I stopped suddenly to pick up this beautiful Liquidambar leaf.  It was not rush hour, or I wouldn't have stopped. Anyway, I haven't paid much attention this year to what most people visualize when they hear the words "fall colors."  Instead, I've concentrated on insects, fungi, and other things that caught my attention, and enjoyed other people's stories and photos about the changing leaves.  I brought this bright red leaf home and photographed it.  I guess you could call that tokenism.  The above photo was taken without flash on a cardboard box illuminated by compact fluorescent bulbs.  The photo below was illuminated by my camera flash.
Lots of trees around Quincy are "peaking" about now.  Better hurry.  There are a variety of maples, oaks, choke cherries, and shrubs on display, and the Black Cottonwoods are starting to change.
Enjoy, but watch out for traffic.  :) 

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